The fake front

The other day I visited the massive Ramoji film city in Hyderabad. While I had been there before, the last time was over a decade ago and so this visit was as good as new.

The place has some pretty interesting sets including an airport (where SRK fights the taxi drivers in Ra.One), a railway station (used in Chennai express) and a hospital (can’t remember the name of the movie the guide mentioned). Also interesting were all those colonies of houses which had the ‘face’ of a house but there was nothing behind it. So while it looked like a perfectly good house, (in some cases even a mansion) it was really a useless building since no one could really stay in those houses.

That got me thinking.

The houses reminded me of times when I had done work that was similar to the houses I was seeing. Work that had a fake front. Work that looked like it was done (a report, some deck, that presentation), but if someone were to look underneath/behind…they would find no ‘substance’ (aka value).

It of course was not a nice feeling; after all we all want to believe that we add a lot of value (even when we don’t) in the work that we do. It made me think of ways in which I could ensure that ‘the art that I ship’ (using Lynchpin lingo) is in line with what my stakeholders need (& not necessarily want). While I don’t have any answers right now, it is something that I definitely need to focus more on. Any thoughts you have on how one can create more value for their stakeholders are most welcome.

A different perspective on the fake houses…they weren’t such a bad deal. They were after all serving their purpose – make believe houses….just like sometimes we NEED to do/show make believe stuff. 🙂

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  1. Karan says:

    This is nice dude….. very crisp and true… 🙂


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