Ctrl + Z in life

My friend Manmeet and I went out for a walk this morning. This is something we like to do once in a while, not so much for the exercise, but for spending some quality time together. And today was no exception.

Among a lot of other things we spoke about, Manmeet talked about something he had thought about (I hope you don’t mind my sharing it Mitu) – what would he like to undo in his life if he had a chance to?

Now this is a thought that I have had many times as well. Many times I have fantasized about having a remote control for life which can be used to pause (those super-awesome moments!), fast forward (need I tell you which ones?) and in some cases rewind, so I could do things differently the second time. A theme which has been a part of many Hollywood flicks as well. The one I most liked was the Ashton Kutcher fantasy thriller ‘The Butterfly effect’.

The movie starts with a note on ‘Chaos theory’, that ‘The flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world’. In other words, every choice you make has consequences, many a times on not just your life but on others’ as well. The movie tells the story of the protagonist who keeps revisiting the past and changes it, but every time something goes wrong and the end is not what he would have liked it to be.

Manmeet mentioned something similar – If he changed/removed X, that would result in Y also not happening, and that wasn’t a desired state.

A similar thought that I have had so many times – if only I had been more serious when I was attempting CAT, I could have gotten admission into one of the premier B-Schools, which I am sure would have been a life-changer. Everything from the kind of education, to the hostel life, to the kind of people I would have met. Life would have been very different.

But then, what if that would have meant that I would not have met the people I met in the last few years (most of you!)? Not traveled around the way I did? Not done the kind of work I have done this far? Not created some of those amazing memories that I have created? Would that life have been as exciting?

I believe not! I would not trade any of what I have today for anything else.

And that is what Manmeet and I agreed to in the end – While yes there are some moments that we would like to Ctrl + Z from life, if actually given a chance, we won’t.

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