Be careful of what you ask for

In the Bolly-movie ‘Rockstar’, Janardan’s friend Khatana tells him that if he wants to become a star, he needs to experience pain. He agrees with the idea and starts looking out for ‘pain’. Lo and behold he finds it. His wish is granted.

I had a similar experience once. An experience that taught me a lesson in communication and optimism and in being very careful with what I ask for.

It was a long time ago when I was about to give my last semester exam at NIIT. My friend and I were both highly nervous, simply because we were both doubtful of cracking the exam. We had, by then, realized that ‘software’ was not our cup of tea, but then we didn’t want to just drop out of the course. This was the last exam between us and an additional point on our resumes (which now that I think of it didn’t even matter).

As we were entering the classroom, we both looked at each other, each knowing what the other was thinking, and said aloud at the same time, “Hope we don’t fail too miserably!”

The one thing I loved about the NIIT exams was that the results came in immediately. And guess what, our wishes were granted. The pass mark for the exam was 50. My friend got 49 and me 47. We had after all ‘not failed too miserably’. And interestingly we felt miserable about it. We could not help but wonder what would have happened if we had instead said ‘Hope we pass, even if by one mark’. I have reasons to believe that we could have then scored 51 and 53 respectively.

Now I don’t know if it was God who granted our wish, or fate, or pure damn luck, but I do believe that one needs to:

1. Be very sure if they want what they are asking for

2. Articulate their wishes correctly

Because you never know when what you ask for will get granted.

Ever since, I have been more careful with my (divine or otherwise) requests. I think it over in my mind and then ask it the ‘right way’. And interestingly, it has worked out fine.

Now of course I don’t get all I ask for (that would be boring). But I am happy that I don’t feel miserable any more when what I ask for comes true.

PS: Special care needs to be taken when you are angry, because then we do have the tendency to ask for things we don’t actually want (for ourselves or the other person).

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One Response to Be careful of what you ask for

  1. nidhi sachdev says:

    And then there are those times when you ask for something, you get it but at a time when it has lost its value 😦


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