Meant to be…

I received a friend request on Facebook from a certain lady a few years back. I looked at her photo, read through her profile but couldn’t remember meeting/knowing her. I messaged her back and asked, “Do I know you?”

She baffled me with her response – “I know you, but you don’t.” When I responded with a few question marks, she clarified, “I met you 6 years ago during an interview, when you had conducted a walk-in at Delhi!”

It of course felt good; someone met me once 6 years ago, and still remembered me.

We exchanged pleasantries and I asked her what she was doing now. “Pursuing my hobby”, she said. “Photography”.

I then noticed she had a link to her photography page on FB, which I clicked on out of curiosity. And then I was awed! She had clicked some awesome snaps, most of them of beautiful women, made more beautiful by the way she had captured them. After looking through them and uncontrollably ‘liking’ most pictures, I messaged her, “Great snaps! You have a gift!”

She thanked me, and then confessed, “When I didn’t get through the interview I felt miserable. I sat there at the Delhi railway station crying, because I couldn’t make it.”

“And now I wonder what would my life have been if I had made it? Would I still have pursued photography and made a career out of it?”

The conversation got me thinking of all those times when something had not turned out the way I had wanted it to and how it had saddened me. In hindsight I am happy for a lot of those not working out… though for some I still wonder, what if they had.

I don’t believe there is any way of knowing what would life have been if all the things that I had wanted happened, but I do know that where I am today, is because of everything that happened and did not.

PS: This post is about Sarika Gangwal. For those of you keen on seeing the pictures she has clicked, you can visit –

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