Doing it…together!

‘Sarovarthon’… that is the name given to the 10k run we have coming up in January 2015, an event organized by a a few folks in our apartments. 10k is not new to me…I have walked that distance at various events in the last 4 years. But run, that’s new. And I am sure that is the case for many others who are looking to participate in the event. The organizing team thus came up with an idea – they scheduled sessions (in the mornings and evenings, on specific days of the week) where beginners could work with experienced runners, on getting tips & also practice to build their stamina and run right.

I joined the group recently and my attendance this far has been 100%. The reason behind that – there are others in that group and that motivates me and sometimes pushes me to wake up early to make it for the practice session. Previous such attempts to workout had mixed results.

Doing it together has worked for me at work as well. There was this time when we were preparing to launch a high investment & high impact program, and all of us in the team were working on it. Along the way, there were times when we each felt low, and the others helped bring up the morale. Together, we were able to successfully launch the course.

Another space we see this happening is hobby clubs, where people with similar interests get together to pursue their hobby/passion, each learning from the other, and each taking the other along on the journey.

So next time you are looking for that push, find yourself some company, and you might just see different results.

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  1. Totally agree with u… ‘Good Sangat’ ka asar hee kuch aur hotah hai! 🙂 All the best… our Milkha Amit Singh!!! 😉 🙂

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