The race

It happened at a Sports day event I attended today,
An event organized for children aged between 2 and 5.
There were many races & drills that they took part in,
The children’s cuteness was a treat to the eye.

And then this race happened,
A race that till long after stayed with me.
It had something interesting that I noticed,
Something we don’t usually see.

The whistle blew, the race began,
All the children running to the finish line.
One of them finished the race the fastest,
The rest of them following close behind.

And then there was this one other kid,
Running the slowest and way behind.
While the other children all seemed in a hurry,
This chap had something else in mind.

He was oblivious to the finish line there,
Possibly not even running the race in his mind.
He was simply enjoying the run itself,
Now how often do you see that kind?

We are all so busy trying to reach the end,
That the means to the end doesn’t really matter.
The focus is so much on the destination,
That the journey takes a back seat to the latter.

I learned a lesson from that child today,
The importance of enjoying the ‘run’.
The finish line will only give us momentary pleasure,
The fun, after all, really lies in the run.

PS: Watched ‘Dead poet’s society’ this evening, which inspired me to write this post as a poem.

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2 Responses to The race

  1. I totally agree, the journey is the part we always forget to live in or enjoy… and just focus on the destination we want to be at. However, the Race… I believe the guy who must have won the race may have also enjoyed the journey and won it too. These small goals have a deadline… while we should enjoy the walking… but somewhere should we not think of the destination? Over to the Gyan Guru!! 🙂 🙂


    • amsachdev says:

      True! The only reason I stressed on the journey was because we have been conditioned since time immemorial to focus on the goal. The journey is not as often spoken about. They are both important!
      – Gyan Guru! 😉


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