Keep on running

Remember the movie ‘Jumanji’, starring Robin Williams? Remember those scenes in the movie when there is a stampede and a herd of animals are seen running wild in, actually through the house, and then in the city? And then remember this one rhino who is always behind the herd, trying to catch up with them? I so feel like that Rhino when I am jogging.

I am still working hard towards my goal of running 10k in January 2015. The group I started running with over a month ago has considerably thinned (dropped from 9 of us to 3), but the 3 of us are going strong.

Back to the Rhino, I am usually the one who is running behind the group, sometimes way behind, but I am happy about the fact that I am still running. As our coach says, “It is not about how fast you run, it’s about running the distance. Just don’t give up!”

I won’t coach…I won’t!

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