Consistency is key

My brother and I were playing a game of basketball last evening. He was near the center court, when he took a shot at the basket and, lo and behold, the ball went through the ring. There were high fives exchanged, and I congratulated my brother for the fluke. He told me it wasn’t, and I dared him to take a shot again.

He moved to the center court and took aim. The ball flew across and did not even touch the board this time. It had been a fluke indeed.

Every once in a while each one of us surprises ourselves and others around us by doing something unique/remarkable. However, the key to be being successful is to make sure that you are consistent. Delivering a great presentation once is good, but if you can consistently deliver great presentations, that is when people will take notice of you. And then when you make that one-off bad presentation, that will be treated as a ‘fluke’.

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