Express or Impress?

A long time ago I befriended a lady who used to paint really well. She often shared pictures of her paintings with me and a lot of those were awesome. The use of colors, shades & the subject – the effect was mesmerizing. And then there were some that I never really understood, and so did not really enjoy. I shared this with her and what she told me then has stayed with me after all these years, “I paint to express myself. It is perfectly fine with me that you don’t like some of what I have created.” To her, painting was all about expressing herself, not impressing anyone.

When I started blogging, I had a similar objective. I was sharing my thoughts on random topics not because I wanted to please someone, or create a certain impression. It was simply because I wanted to express myself. But then somewhere along the way, there were times when I would think hard about topics that would get more readership. While I was still true to my thoughts/opinions, I was playing to an audience. And that possibly is one of the reasons I haven’t been regular at blogging off late (the other is laziness!).

Time to focus on the objective again!

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