Paying attention

Question – “If you swallow a seed by mistake, will it grow into a plant inside your body?” The short answer obviously is “NO!”, the long answer, “The seed will not germinate because it will not get the light, warmth and oxygen it needs to grow.”

I heard my nephew recite this question and the response and it got me thinking.

When I was younger, I used to often lose my temper with friends and family (some would argue that hasn’t changed yet). Troubled by it myself, I looked for ways to better manage my anger. The one technique that worked for me was to distract myself and break the train of thought that was causing me to get angry. I did not let the ‘seed of anger’ germinate inside me, by not providing it with the required light, warmth and oxygen, in other words not giving the matter my attention. After all, whatever you pay attention to grows, and what you don’t pay attention to diminishes.

This rule is true for thoughts, ideas, behaviour, health, finances, relationships, hobbies, career…you name it. It is also as true for negative aspects, as it is for positives. Pay too much attention to your fears or worries, and miraculously they grow. Turn your attention to the positive, hopeful, inspiring and that is how you will feel and behave. In the end, it’s your choice – what do you want to pay attention to?

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